The London Fashion Work Rooms offers a full bridal service for all of your tailoring needs so that you don’t have to worry a stitch when it comes to dressing for the big day.

With so much to plan before tying the knot it can be stressful keeping on top of everybody’s wedding wardrobe when the wedding dress has not yet been decided on and the invitations have not yet been sent - but don’t worry, we are here to help. With lots of experience, The London Fashion Work Rooms can help you settle any sartorial wedding worries from making bespoke waistcoats for the ushers to making the perfect dress for the mother of the bride.

Complete Bridal Service
  • If you have the picture of the perfect dress in your head but haven’t seen it anywhere, we can make it for you.
  • If you’ve found the perfect vintage dress but it needs a little TLC and damage repair we can restore it to its former glory.
  • If you have bought something off the rail but would like to change the length, neckline or sleeves we can re-style it so it’s the perfect dress for you.
  • If you’ve lost weight before the wedding and need your dress remolded to fit like a glove, then pop by for a fitting so we can make the necessary alterations.
  • If you simply need it professionally dry cleaned and stored somewhere safe then bring it in.

Wedding Dress

After the wedding

If you love your dress but can’t bear to put it into storage then bring it into The London Fashion Workrooms so we can remodel it. With a few fittings, a snip here and a stitch there we can transform your wedding dress into the most beautiful evening gown, a party dress or even into separates.

Our esteemed remodelling service breaths new life into forlorn bridesmaid dresses, maid of honour dresses and wedding dresses - just bring it in for a consultation with one of our lovely seamstresses.