The London Fashion Work Rooms understand that over time the posture and body shape changes, as does the style of the day, so that it may be necessary to update the garments in our wardrobe accordingly. We pride ourselves in offering an unparalleled level of service for all of our clients and maintain that good wardrobe care means that clothing can live forever.

If you have a jacket that is too tight, a broken zip, missing buttons and a pair of trousers that are just too long, bring them in and let our team of sartorial artisans get to work on your garments so that you can look your best.


For trousers that are loose or tight on the waist we can quickly and effectively reduce or increase size by adjusting the centre back seam. After a fitting with a trouser tailor we can also determine the perfect shape over the seat and raise or let down the fork when necessary.

For a closer fit and neater silhouette we taper trousers either fully or partly. For a subtle taper we would remove excess fabric from the inside leg seam. For a more drastic change we can reduce the leg width by removing fabric from both the inside and outside leg seams.

We shorten smart trousers by hand so that the stitching is invisible from the outside. When shortening jeans we are able to retain a pre-worn finish by cutting away the original hem and reinstating it at the required length.

We can replace belt loops with more traditional side adjusters by using excess fabric from the hem of the trouser.

Our studio is equipped with the facilities to replace metal studs, poppers and other fastenings quickly and effectively.


To improve the fit of a jacket around the body we can take in the side seams to define the waist. To reduce the overall size of the jacket or coat we can take in the drape across the upper back. If the jacket size needs to be reduced by 1.5” or more we would also take excess fabric from the center back seam for a flattering fit.

When shortening the sleeves of a jacket we always work from the crown. As professional tailors with years of experience this is the most effective way of achieving a flawless result. Working from the shoulder means that the cuff detail or ‘shams’ are not disturbed and consequently the design and proportions of the jacket are retained as original.

We can narrow or ‘chip’ the shoulders of a jacket or coat for a neater fit or add pads to define the silhouette or even out a dropped shoulder.

A ripple of excess fabric across the back neck area or ‘Square back neck’ can be removed by simply opening the back neck and shoulder seam, lifting excess fabric and re-stitching as original for a more complimentary fit on the body.

Chalked suit Jacket

Alteration Services

Coats & Jackets

  • Coat hem
  • Jacket hem
  • Jacket sleeves - plain
  • Jacket sleeves - from shoulder
  • Coat sleeves
  • Take in / Let out sleeves
  • Armhole through waist
  • Narrow shoulder at armhole
  • Replace jacket lining
  • Replace coat lining


  • Shorten hem
  • Shorten sleeves with cuffs
  • Shorten plain sleeves
  • Raise waistline
  • Lift shoulders, reset sleeves
  • Take in / let out sides armhole through to hem
  • Take in / let out sides
  • Take in / let out hips
  • Take in bust seam / armhole
  • Shorten straps
  • Left sleeveless shoulder
  • New zip
  • Shorten evening dress
  • Replace pads
  • Replace zip plain
  • Replace zip invisible


  • Shorten / lengthen hem - plain
  • Shorten / lengthen hem - jeans
  • Hem turn up
  • False hem plain
  • Hem splits
  • Taper legs - 2 plain seams
  • Taper legs - 4 plain seams
  • New zip plain
  • New zip invisible
  • Take in / let out centre back
  • Take in / let out waist
  • Drop crotch seam
  • Raise waistline