London Fashion Workrooms

Established in 1892 as a formalwear manufacturer, The London Fashion Workrooms branched into alterations in the seventies. The first large fashion workroom was launched in 1997 specifically to service the shops and boutiques of London’s west end.

London Fashion Workrooms Alterations-Studio

Based in Covent Garden with a 4000 square foot purpose built unit, we presently provide garment alteration services to 38 high-end London stores and many private clients. With 20 tailors on site we have the skills and personnel necessary to provide a one-stop service for all your needs.


All tailors at the London Fashion Workrooms come from a bespoke background and have the experience, skills and knowledge to perform alterations at the highest standard. All work is undertaken, from relining a coat to fixing a button. No job is too small or large.

With 20 tailors on site specializing by Fabric and garment type you can be sure that your garment will be altered by the right person.

We also offer a dry cleaning service for your convenience.

Garment Repairs & Invisible Mending

The London Fashion Workrooms restore loved garments to their former glory. Whether they are ripped or worn, fixing garments is an economical way to preserve quality clothing. Some fabrics can be repaired using a simple patch. For jeans in particular this is a cost effective and hardwearing way of fixing a damaged area. Where appropriate we can disguise damage by adding a small dart or a cleverly placed new seam.

We can replace or reinforce well-worn areas of a garment such as the gusset of trousers to ensure a longer life. Our skilled tailors often reinstate worn out pockets and reline garments either fully or partly depending on your requirements.

Invisible mending beforeInvisible mending after

For precious garments or finer fabrics such as wool or silk we can invisibly mend holes or rips by reweaving the fabric. We use threads taken from a concealed area of the garment such as a hem or internal facing to replicate the original weave. This technique dates back more than 200 years and is a highly skilled and time-consuming process. The result is as flawless as humanly possible.

Dress Alterations

Our seamstresses can alter all types of dress, wedding dress, cocktail dress, ball gown and evening gown, from Haute Couture to Prêt-à-Porter, the catwalk to the high street.

We have experienced professional dress fitters who can take accurate body measurements to ensure you acheive the perfect fit. All dress alterations are carried out on site so whether you want to shorten a hem or replace a zip, or even a full dress remodelling, we are available and you are free to pop in at any time.


At The London Fashion Work Rooms, we pride ourselves on refitting, recutting, altering and restoring suits.

It may be that over time your body size and posture has changed making it necessary to have your suit nipped and tucked accordingly or perhaps you have fallen in love with a suit but need it tapered to your exact body shape. Call us to make an appointment and pop in for fitting with one of our tailors.

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society” ~ Mark Twain

Corporate Clients

We offer the most thorough corporate alterations service in London. With 3 drivers covering the whole city we collect and drop off to your store twice daily and offer a same day return at no premium.

Our management team offer full time Technical support, phone lines are open 9- 6 daily to assist with your sales, A tailor is just a telephone call away for advice on difficult fittings.

A fitting service is available on location, which can be booked in advance. Alternatively you can send your client to our showroom to be fitted by a professional tailor at no extra cost. Our aim is to fully support your staff in making sales. We offer free fitting training sessions for all your staff whenever it is necessary.

Private Clients

Along with supporting London's boutiques and 'off the peg' retailers, where we provide bespoke fitting for their garments, we are also available to the public.

Our tailors and seamstresses are all based on site in so please feel free to drop in to our showroom for a fitting any time, no appointment is necessary. Whether your garment is bespoke, made to measure, tailor made or off the peg our experienced group of tailors will be able to help you achieve the perfect fit.

We also offer a fitting service on location. Please call in advance to make arrangements for a tailor to visit you at your home or office.